Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sometimes we question ourselves that can love just be pertained to the moral grounds and grant it to that one person who has found love by an affirmation that one has stuck by the other, regardless of suffering the odds ...
regardless of meeting dysfuncionality in ones context....

An affair can count the distance between conscience and the soul...if one can correspond to it as a large distance, one suffers from infringing from the one who supposedly just believed in supervising his thoughts in a more undirectional way just by adding a word -"protection" to satisfactorily clone all and burn the sentiments,excitements and soul-searching methods of all who supposedly as humans and animals have their own rights to instincts,conscience and emotions....

Lady Chatterly's lover helped me retrospect our social truth that:
If the word fidelity promises to secure the necessarily loved and protected, then the word infidelity supersedes the former by being objectively honest to ones instincts and emotions.

We as people shape our motives and in doing that we answer the true quality of the situation in love and find the sense in love as-
"Lucid or Lewd"!!

PS: The above is for all who never question their real self and situation but respond with their confusion....

Saturday, December 19, 2009


When the fire burns...

The candle melts,
The heat dissolves in the wax
To swallow the olds
And curates the unseen!

Monday, December 14, 2009


This happens to be one of my latest work in collaboration with the "TNT model management" wherein I got the opportunity to work with a model from Finland called 'Kaisa Kemppainen', who is a master's student in Biotechnology.She has been modelling for 4 years now,ever since her friend made her go into a TV show based on modelling in Finland and apparently now she has taken a break from her studies just to persue the same in Milan..The photography for the shoot was carried out by a counterpart and a fellow-friend of mine from my school(Istituto Europeo di Design,Moda Lab),her name- 'Beneditta Chiala'.She seems to see the power of the parallel moments and verifies the same by capturing it..
The garments have been designed by a very dear friend of mine who is studying fashion designing at IED too called Elinoree Stenberg from Sweden who has a deadly fervour for the world of construction and deconstruction.She stiches her way to garments like the ones in the featured collection based on Homeless escapades,which has been used in this shoot...
On the friday morning(dated:27-11-2010,8:00am,the day of the shoot)I had decided to find my tricks with hair and make-up for the model..I made a simple smudged eye dressed with a hair-style that was blizzard smitten(actually smoked with tonnes of hair-spray) such that the hair along with the body(when in motion)could romance with the vehement winds of the very cloudy and pungent morning....
The garments were of the order that were constructed to resonate as a shield towards the emotional plasticity,infectious and vandalistic quality of the ground realities that one might face when one ventures outside.The venerable garments induce the message of freedom as protection for the homeless...
Hence,I threw-in some torn rubber pants, leather suspenders, black gloves with zippers,etc to team with the vagabondish and fly-by-night approach to the story..
Hope you can see why one should take time out to "Gossip with the Air", kiss and play with the outside elements, even if it means for you to catch a cold/get a bruise for escaping to your backyard to catch the express to the outside dwelling...like I did!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


He says he loves me....
aaaaaaaaaaawwww...I love u 2...Ani....

They say that you can fall in love in your innocent years...cherish it...carry him within ur heart, to believe in meeting him someday and being with him in the future.... and then submiting youself to the arms of the same old "first-love"..to that first childhood crush, that your little heart then trusted and yearned to sit on the dilapadated stairs of your tuition school and discuss all the games that consumed our childhood days after the evening tuitions ...
but then unfortunately, that does not happen....you know him,he knows u too...his friends and your friends would talk about you both......certain confessions of your love interests to your friends end up becoming the rumours that you cannot sustain..you both decide 2 not talk ever,even if ur familiar eyes would meet across the desks of the class...and by stasching up your confessions within yourselves...

The story seems familiar...well I know this girl and guy who share a similar past and now...

4 years later...
He tracks her down on a social networking site and adds her as a friend..it leads to exchange in messages/chats...even the overseas distances doesn't seem to stop their umpteen numbers of conversations and discussions.....they both decided to meet up,when she would go back to her country to visit her family for the summers....n ever since then and till today,after numeorous dates, kisses, car-rides, arguments, fights,and the end of the summer,the relationship simply seems to survive and grow and not just end as A SUMMER-ROMANCE(as popularly believed by friends)...even today...even after she has gone back to another country to persue her career....
n now the virtual paradise is where they are caught up in their Love-Hate relationship....making the globe look like this stage that needed to be explored at each end so that each of their travel experiences would teach them that some loves are worth keeping and some, worth forgetting!!
PS: The above pic is a snap of the little boy's(in the above story) 5th standard's snap that was ripped out of his school identity card...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The heat that ignites our paradoxes..We paint it with the color of love............We reach out to find ourselves..but we sink into the sensation....we sense addiction,we sense affection, we sense attachment


I have seen your smile
melt into your atmosphere...

I stole it and decided to drop it

into my deepest ocean..

I could touch the realms of that time

but it made me freeze for the moment

and cracked the temparature of the memories call,

I woke up 2 breathe my reality..

partially sinking and

bathing in your shadow..

I flambe in its blindness,

like a torch

surrenedering my deepest secrets

Which is darker than light...
PS: The above painting that I had made signifies the melancholic dimentions that the mind saunters in whilst our session of blues with life

Monday, May 11, 2009


There are drops that fall down
They loose out-
on the sky
on the eyes
on the ocean.
Chocked-up are the systems
With no perforations
For your dreams to be released
And beaten-up are your thoughts
That makes you loose out on lessons
You wanted to hold-on to,
Makes you accept
Your careless rules.
Happiness, a quantum choice-
You leave it,else it leaves you,
You are left with nothing..
Cause falling down does not hurt anymore,
You are Used to it!
They marinade your heart
And season it with their ripe temptations
That sinks into your skin
And hits the bottom of your heart,
Grows within you
Ingenuous feelings of love and passion.

You can't breathe cause you-
will loose it,
loose 'em.
You're asked to survive it throughPrayers...
for harmony and joy
And not to keep it
Or make it perennial..
Slowly they infilterate into your soul
With a treacherous venom
But still your-"naive"-self wants
To be swayed by its waves.
All of my loss-
Is the want for simplification.

Contemplation makes me look
Like a fool,
can't accept that
Cause I have been hit deep within
And i can't feel anymore,
If they touch, it hurts.
So I avoid the blames
Or try for restoration,
Instead don't wanna be touched, felt,
Or shaken,
I am broken now,
Not completely though,cause
Loosing-out seems right-
I don't have to turn back again
And those memories will never fade!

PS: The pic above happens to be a part of a short film I had made and styled, wherein a friend of mine from Iceland called Anna Sigríður Jónsdóttir had modelled for and Sanchit Gupta had photographed.



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