Monday, December 14, 2009


This happens to be one of my latest work in collaboration with the "TNT model management" wherein I got the opportunity to work with a model from Finland called 'Kaisa Kemppainen', who is a master's student in Biotechnology.She has been modelling for 4 years now,ever since her friend made her go into a TV show based on modelling in Finland and apparently now she has taken a break from her studies just to persue the same in Milan..The photography for the shoot was carried out by a counterpart and a fellow-friend of mine from my school(Istituto Europeo di Design,Moda Lab),her name- 'Beneditta Chiala'.She seems to see the power of the parallel moments and verifies the same by capturing it..
The garments have been designed by a very dear friend of mine who is studying fashion designing at IED too called Elinoree Stenberg from Sweden who has a deadly fervour for the world of construction and deconstruction.She stiches her way to garments like the ones in the featured collection based on Homeless escapades,which has been used in this shoot...
On the friday morning(dated:27-11-2010,8:00am,the day of the shoot)I had decided to find my tricks with hair and make-up for the model..I made a simple smudged eye dressed with a hair-style that was blizzard smitten(actually smoked with tonnes of hair-spray) such that the hair along with the body(when in motion)could romance with the vehement winds of the very cloudy and pungent morning....
The garments were of the order that were constructed to resonate as a shield towards the emotional plasticity,infectious and vandalistic quality of the ground realities that one might face when one ventures outside.The venerable garments induce the message of freedom as protection for the homeless...
Hence,I threw-in some torn rubber pants, leather suspenders, black gloves with zippers,etc to team with the vagabondish and fly-by-night approach to the story..
Hope you can see why one should take time out to "Gossip with the Air", kiss and play with the outside elements, even if it means for you to catch a cold/get a bruise for escaping to your backyard to catch the express to the outside I did!!

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