Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The colors start dissolving when it comes in contact with the other (world)medium...Do we stop and think what is the emotion and story behind it.
It could explain love, freedom, deterioration, temperature, loss, disease, consumption, etc.
So when there is a possible melt-down what is the fluidity and liquid answers to a certain darkness entwined with fashion and the significant love for its brutality.
Lets see....


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I happen to be a Fashion stylist persuing similar studies from life and otherwise...I am currently stationed in Milan/Italy for the same.AM A LEARNER.......Basically, I enjoy being a student of life..I like ROMANCING EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE AND LEAVING BEHIND MY RETROSPECTIVE FOOTPRINTS ON THE GROUNDS OF REALITY. AM LIKE A COCONUT-to damn hard to break and eventually if you find me,you shall see that I major in concocting madness and pleasure with unexpected sorts.. Just like WINE,my WORK & I HAPPEN 2 BE AN ACQUIRED TASTE.. ...As I am infamously christened as- "A PERFORMER": I don't like to take the drama home,I leave it behind for the ones who all watch 2 savour and remember...and to help me capture and carry the best from all the olds,the goods and the odds... This blog is a documentative quest that I embark on to learn and unlearn!!!