Thursday, April 7, 2011


We have been waiting for the spring bloom around us......but now that the spring is sweeping us away and with the summer getting up-close-and-personal with us....would we want to feel the brush of the 'Nordic-air' to give us a taste of their certain unpretentious, unruffled and very honest take of their fashion..
They seem to see the fashion, art and their respective essentials against the context of the Scandinavian Minimalism. 

"ANDERS SØLVSTEN THOMSEN" weaved together similar aesthetics of his very nestling entwined with the body of his signature for the ephemeral yet sublime understanding of the
Spring Summer-2011 in the following video for TEST MAG....

The confident yet profound philosophies of Ostwald, have made their way to 
Daphne Guiness's/Chloe Sevigny's/La Roux's wardrobes,every now-and-then... 

This is purity put against the haven of soulful-Nordic sensibilities......Sterility juxta-posed with clear and slick synergies are on a loose in this video. 
I must say-"They are the PURITANS at their best"



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