Thursday, February 4, 2010


So, when you are asked to make the reality of eccentricity cross-over from the roads of simple realisation to the uncanny conjectures that helps you meet your own substance and food for your deviance..
Well, my friends Giulia,Justyna,Bian and I went on a trip to meet our uncertain grotesque moments..when we are asked by our professor, Miss Serena Sala to build conjectures on the basis of ECCENTRICITY(happy hour)...We met with newer possibilities of eccentricity, in the form of: art/identity/lifestyle/situations........
My findings saw eccentricity as a medium:
-Where thoughts are suspended
-Where thoughts grow
-Where thoughts interact
-Where thoughts interlace
-Where thoughts produce a newer meaning
-Where thoughts usually die
This medium thus, changes into a newer world where thoughts are trapped and cannot transcend across.If in any way it finds a chance too, it gets labeled as fashion and utilised in the society as something new and never before understood or acted upon.Therefore, I find the birth of heros professing the same as some noted figures like Mathew Barney,Tim Burton, Nina Hagen, Leonor Fini, Katsura Funakoshi an many other notable players and the others in the same quest help us see a maverick form of creative/intellectual response to the monotonous social language.They help us find a certain sort of a coherence to a second reasoning or an  ulterior reasoning to the obvious and unidirectional thought.
Their deviant lifestyle from the society or sociologically patterned movements help us relocate our present with a revolutionary,radical moment. This medium and moment of realisation of a new reality needs to furnace and be voiced to find a respect and identity in our society...

We followed a grotesque adventure to quote our ideology on similar lines to find a purposeful beauty in our work.We performed a beauty shoot with make-up products by utilising parts of animals(tongue of cow, pork foot) and sea creatures(oyster,fish,octopus) as the models for our shoot.
We teamed conventional beauty products with unconventionally beauty-models......

The result-  "Beauty is, as beauty does!!"

The below is a link to the video of our behind the scene gig for the above mentioned photo shoot!!

PS: The above picture is that of our shoot with the cow's tongue with eye-shadow and tints.


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