Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heartbreak........with Sophie Ellis Bextor

Heartbreak (make me a dancer)......................
a video(the clothes that neatly glazes with the oodles of oomph) and
the song that fixes your groove for the required catharsis!!
Sophie Ellis Bextor is an answer to all the love-drunk emotions with an embodiment of new-age disco and electronic sounds.
Below is the link to the same of her collaboration with Freemasons:
another all time favorite of mine from this model/singer/composer- "Murder on the dancefloor":
the below happens to be a 'super-english razzle-dazzle bit' from her with a fine finish as a manequin:

Friday, January 1, 2010


I loved the smarter versions of everything, even if it seemed complicated, mischeivious, hurtful or face-smashing.........It made me fill my mouth with twisters that for recollection would just make it tough for me to express but,originally not make me recall their odds & evens and respect the sentiment of the event or its cause..
It was an acheivement to entertain with my stories but their lessons could not reach me even if I wanted the best out of their idiosyncracy....It is lighter to feel the bite of an icecream,cause we concentrate on their irking effect on our dental sets...we avoid to appreciate the reason of having it then because we either wait for it to ease with the temperature to comfort us, or to surrender ourselves to its nostalgic effects on us...but the real meaning of the "ice" in an ice-cream is lost....once we wait for it melt for an easier session to consume it.
I would want to consciesly make an effort on undergoing the old-school methods on indulging into things thats transports me to the reason for its introduction to us,as humans but, what happens if I end up journeying an experience in this way, I loose the rhythm of my adventurous pulse..its like escaping into the wilderness,cause it is a refuge from the concrete jungle, it just leaves us with a comparitive way to appreciate its identity....and not necessarily the fact that in its own as an individual space it can give us so much (and not more or less with respect to out city-scapes)
I want to try to feel my pulse for a certain subject but with the reason that releases a certain originality in its  creation need not just require originality but also it would also require a set of original eyes to scan it...and hence, contribute in making a subject unique!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the reasons to my new-found loves and mistakes.............and I shall take time-out to build a newer realm to fit-in my episodes of 2010.

PS: The above is dedicated (with the link of a song below that underlines the above)to all who helped me travel and realise experiences in an original sense, be it crudely or tastefully.
The video below is directed by the mastered eclectism of Tarsem Singh who has journeyed around and given a newer dimention to diversity and multiple-perspectives with sweet lullaby(song below).....that designs an eye that sees inviduality and captures globally.

A classic commemoration of idiosyncratic encounters....

The link:


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