Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 'COR SINE LABE DOLI' ceramic-saga....and MENSWEAR S/S 2011

 A little insight into the creator of the new BON-TON fashion staple: CERAMIC BOW-TIES and the owner of the brand COR SINE LABE DOLI, which produces the same..

1. How did the name COR SINE LABE DOLI occur/come to you as a Brand-name? Tell us the story of how COR SINE LABE DOLI started between u and ur friend/business partner
 The brand name took birth because of my friend Antonio, he suggested for having the motto of our native city like the brand-name suggests for representing our style, our brand. The perfect way to explain our attitude/approach: to' look at the fashion world, with a chid eyes.

2. What have been your earliest inspirations that helped you shape your brand?
 The ceramic bow tie, our First product and our Fashion Staple, just as it is present in our heart and mind.It follows what our brand name reads in latin-"a heart unstained with blemish or betrayal"

3. Any earliest childhood memories with fashion products such as 'Bow-Ties' that you can fondly recall?
 When we take a look into our father's and grandfather's wardrobe, trying to find something to re-actualize,  something that lets us dream of a rich past blended with tradition and modernism at the same time. Especially revisiting the tradition of southern Italy, of our beautiful region Apulia.

4. Who are you trying to reach through your brand and what kind of market-gap are you trying to interface with your Fashion Brand and its products?
One main purpose is to innovate via innovative style, dreaming of becoming one day a fashion maison.
We adress our creations to all who can appreciate the Italian artisanal approach.

5. Can you tell us in brief about your career in Fashion/fashion brands?
Antonio my friend & me we have dabbled both in the world of fashion and otherwise. Our experiences, personality, dreams, mixed together, has been the secret.

6. Could you tell us the most recent and interesting collaborations/promotions of COR SINE LABE DOLI that we should watch out for?
With Belvedere Vodka of the LVMH Group as a limited-edition  artistic collaboration for its 5th participation in this year's Cannes film festival and also with Paul Smith!

7. Where do you see your brand culturing reaching out in the future?
Becoming an adult fashion brand, without loosing our dna. Big but not close, big but not stable, big but with a creative and sensitive heart, eyes and hands.

MAKEUP/HAIR: Micol Dionisio
MODEL: Matthieu (Independent man)

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