Monday, May 11, 2009


There are drops that fall down
They loose out-
on the sky
on the eyes
on the ocean.
Chocked-up are the systems
With no perforations
For your dreams to be released
And beaten-up are your thoughts
That makes you loose out on lessons
You wanted to hold-on to,
Makes you accept
Your careless rules.
Happiness, a quantum choice-
You leave it,else it leaves you,
You are left with nothing..
Cause falling down does not hurt anymore,
You are Used to it!
They marinade your heart
And season it with their ripe temptations
That sinks into your skin
And hits the bottom of your heart,
Grows within you
Ingenuous feelings of love and passion.

You can't breathe cause you-
will loose it,
loose 'em.
You're asked to survive it throughPrayers...
for harmony and joy
And not to keep it
Or make it perennial..
Slowly they infilterate into your soul
With a treacherous venom
But still your-"naive"-self wants
To be swayed by its waves.
All of my loss-
Is the want for simplification.

Contemplation makes me look
Like a fool,
can't accept that
Cause I have been hit deep within
And i can't feel anymore,
If they touch, it hurts.
So I avoid the blames
Or try for restoration,
Instead don't wanna be touched, felt,
Or shaken,
I am broken now,
Not completely though,cause
Loosing-out seems right-
I don't have to turn back again
And those memories will never fade!

PS: The pic above happens to be a part of a short film I had made and styled, wherein a friend of mine from Iceland called Anna Sigríður Jónsdóttir had modelled for and Sanchit Gupta had photographed.


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